Big Rule Changes Could Make Youth Football Games A Whole Lot Smaller

  As concerns over player safety mount, the national governing body for youth and high school football is considering a version of the game that could look radically different from what football fans might expect. It’s a leaner, less contact-inclined… Continue Reading →

How to Keep Your Kids Safe While They Play Football

Youth football can be a dangerous sport. If your kids play, take these five measures to help minimize the risks, and keep them healthy and safe on the field. Educate your kid. “Many children don’t know the signs and symptoms. They… Continue Reading →

Study finds higher cost of football helmets doesn’t improve safety performance

DENVER — Buying a football helmet can be difficult. Many manufacturers tout different technology, prices and safety ratings. But a study found there isn’t much difference when the helmets are actually in use on the field. As a father, coach… Continue Reading →

Youth Leagues Stress Concussion Safety

The safety movement in youth sports has never been more prominent as concerns over concussions have grown. Football and soccer are two sports that have received much of the scrutiny, but new guidelines and procedures enforced at the local level are attempting to… Continue Reading →

Police: Dad left bullets with names at youth football field

MOUNT PLEASANT, Pa. –  The father of a youth football player and a waitress who worked with him were behind shotgun shells with referees’ names written on them that were left on a Pennsylvania field last fall, prompting the league… Continue Reading →

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